Brooklyn. I am home.

It was a beautiful summer in Berlin with the Jivamukti community at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin. We had a very peaceful summer, exploring the parks in the city and the lakes near Berlin.

Now back to Brooklyn: autumn breeze, rooftop meditations, chai tea.
I was lucky enough to attend Thich Nhat Hanh‘s talk in NYC today. His calligraphy work is on display at ABC Carpet & Home until December.

This week, I began a new teaching schedule at Jivamukti. If you’re used to seeing my name in the morning, look again. All of my classes have shifted to afternoon time slots. I hope to see you!

Teaching at Jivamukti:
Mon 2:30pm Basics class
Weds 2:30pm Basics class
Weds 5pm Open class
Thurs 3pm Open class
Sat 2pm Open class
Sun 3pm Open class

See the rest of my teaching schedule here.


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