Enjoying the silence and the snow.

Last weekend I completely lost my voice. After a day or two in denial, speaking in cracked whispers, I started to embrace this state and enjoy the clarity and peacefulness it creates. It actually helped me be more clear and efficient.

The snow fall in the city over the past two days accentuates the silence. The blanket of snow dulls and softens the sounds. The snow outlines all the forms, and erases the flashy colors and plastic texture of the cars, creating visual silence. I especially love the the way the snow accentuates and inflates the tree shapes.

Parsons is having a snow day, so I get to stay home and appreciate.

I have been thinking a lot of my teacher’s teacher, Sri Swami Nirmalananda, who is known for observing “mauna”, (the yogic practice of silence) for 11 years in B.R. Hills, India. Despite practicing silence, he was not incommunicado. In fact, he was lovingly called the “Anarchist Swami”. He met my teacher Sharon Gannon, when he wrote seeking to correspond with like minded anarchists in the US. Swami Nirmalananda had an active practice of communicating through written teachings and letter writing to heads of state. Another beautiful detail about Swami Nirmalananda’s life is that he shared his living/sleeping space with a deer! He was an advocate for animals, the environment, and a pure vegetarian lifestyle. He wrote: “Our modern society is engaged in polishing and decorating the cage in which man is kept imprisoned…Enlightened anarchism is the need of the hour. It is only through enlightenment that one is able to live as a free and intelligent person”-Sri Swami Nirmalananda.

The quiet has given me time to update this website with new offerings: 2 new classes at Jivamukti, lots of new workshops, and 2 new retreats.
Check it out on the “Workshops + Retreats” page.
Yoga classes in Hebrew in NYC! Workshops in English in Tel Aviv! Yoga transcends language!
See you in class.

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