Training & Privates

Tamar is an apprenticeship mentor in the YogaWorks 300-hr Teacher Training Program. You can apprentice with Tamar in the YogaWorks 2018 300-hr TT program. See the program description here. Topics covered in the 150-hr apprenticeship: assists, teaching methodology, philosophy/dharma/chanting, sequencing, feedback on your teaching, and more.

Students say:
“Tamar truly shines when she has the opportunity to help others explore and fulfill their roles as teachers. As my mentor, Tamar thoughtfully combined her delight for the teachings of yoga with her dedication to helping me realize my highest potential as a new teacher. A committed student herself, Tamar not only introduced me to teaching principles that are innovative and eclectic, but also shared timeless methods that are deeply embedded in tradition and lineage. As a mentor she is steadfast, loving, and leads purely by example. She honors her intuition, and I feel inspired to teach with the same composure, humility, and poise with which she carries herself.”Lauren Krauze

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Tamar and Nora are happy to be co-leading the 50-hr Yoga Philosophy & Subtle Body module. This module is open to all (students and teachers), without any prerequisite. Highly recommended for students who want to deepen their understanding of yoga without taking an entire TT program.

In 2018, YogaWorks is offering the 300-hr training in short modules that can be completed at your convenience over 2 years. The entire program is described in this PDF.

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Private lessons help deepen your practice whether you’re a new student or a longtime practitioner. The private lesson is a collaboration between teacher and student,  customized to your needs and questions.
In a private session we might: demystify a specific pose or group of poses (such as inversions, arm balances, etc); develop a customized home practice for your needs; practice modifications to work with an injury; clarify different aspects of the yoga practice such as breathing, meditation, yoga philosophy, and more.