10 Things A Yogi Would Never Say

Yoga actually lets us see that we are all connected and that separation is an illusion. Nevertheless, we have collected 10 sentences here that a yogi would rather not say. The (sometimes somewhat neurotic) view of the world from the hardcore yogis.

1. "Can I leave my shoes on, please?"

Shoes have no place in a yoga studio. Those who stay long enough in studios also adopt this principle in their own home, in other people's homes - or in the office. In restaurants or clubs, however, you might want to be careful when walking barefoot ...

2. "I like to come to the cocktail bar after my yin yoga class."

Of course, yogis are also allowed to drink cocktails - if they feel like it. Everyone can decide for themselves. But why should we do that when we have just reached that perfectly relaxed yoga high after 90 minutes of intense stretching and unity of body and mind? Even.

3. "Foreigners out!"

Nobody should say. And certainly not yogis.

4. "Today I'm going to the yoga studio to do sports."

Yoga is a lot, but not just a workout. Anyone who has ever done a 90-minute vinyasa lesson knows how sweaty yoga can be. But this aspect is not in the foreground.

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5. "No, I don't mind when you walk on my mat."

But. It does. So at least try to step between the mats when you're walking through the studio. Sure, sometimes it is very tight and it is inevitable that someone else's foot will step on a corner of the mat. But out of respect for the other yogis, you should at least not trample over it completely carelessly.

6. "Meditation is not for me."

The asanas, i.e. physical yoga practice, take up only one-eighth of the eight-part yoga path according to Patanjali. Its main goal was original to prepare the body for long sitting in meditation. Anyone who has been (physically) practicing yoga for a long time will notice how much they can benefit from a meditation practice - even if "sitting still and thinking of nothing" (spoiler: that is not the definition of meditation ) is actually not his thing. Above all, as a yogi one realizes at some point that even practicing the asanas mindfully is nothing more than meditation. As well as the washing up.

7. "A happy meal with mayo please!"

Yoga (also) means Ahimsa, i.e. to live according to the principle of non-violence. For many yogis, this includes a vegan or at least a vegetarian diet. Of course, we don't want to be dogmatic here - after all, in yoga, we also teach to accept everyone for who they are. But the more a student engages in yoga teaching, the more consciously he will want to live and consume. And that by itself increases the demands on what we feed our bodies with.

8. "Can you please give me a bolster?"

Who is this "you"? In yoga, we are all the same and we want to feel as close as possible to others. There is only room for one "you".

9. "Brunch before my three-hour yoga workshop is a great idea!"

Anyone who has ever practiced a bow after a hearty meal knows: it is not. The somewhat old-fashioned sounding rule that yogis shouldn't eat anything one or two hours before the practice definitely has its raison d'etre. It is simply easier to practice when the body is not already 80 percent busy digesting.

10. "No one really needs Shavasana."

Never ever skip Shavasana. The final relaxation is an incredibly valuable - if not the most valuable - part of yoga practice. Anyone who stole from the room as inconspicuously as possible before the Shavasana at the beginning of their yoga path is guaranteed to come to the point at some point where they realize: it is better to stay where you are. And really looking forward to the mental and physical break.

Amelia James

Amelia James

Hello guys! I am Amelia James, a yoga practitioner by profession and a writer by heart. I have been a yoga instructor for the last 10 years. Now, I am investing some time in writing as well. Let’s catch up on some relaxing yet informative yoga topics!