Body & Mind: Support Healing Processes With Yoga

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We yogis have known it for a long time, and meanwhile it has also been scientifically proven: Yoga is a remedy. Why this is so - and how you can use the healing properties of yoga to maintain and promote your internal and external health.

Yoga may not be a medicine in the classical sense, like tablets and drops. And yet yoga practice is a therapeutic application that has a healing effect on all levels. The “healing essence yoga” is holistic in approach and mode of action, just like traditional naturopathy or anthroposophy. Because we humans are not just a collection of muscles, bones and organs. Yoga affects all levels of your existence - your body, but also your thoughts, your feelings, your energy, yes, even your lifestyle and the entire context of your life.

Morning Yoga

Because yoga and meditation activate and balance your whole personal being - and that is the key to successful healing. Health, as the World Health Organization (WHO) defines it - "a state of complete physical, emotional and social well-being" - can only arise if you can feel yourself, take your needs seriously and listen to your inner voice. Yoga supports exactly this connection with yourself, strengthens you and brings you into harmony with yourself and your life. And so creates the optimal foundation for internal and external health.

“It is not the doctor who heals, but nature.

The doctor can only be your faithful servant and helper.

He will learn from her, but never nature from him. "

Complex Interaction: People And Their Surroundings

You are a complex system of body, mind and soul. You are part of earthly and even cosmic nature. You have a very individual lifestyle and are embedded in a specific environment. In the event of illness - regardless of whether it is a cold or cancer - it makes sense to consider all these aspects of your being and to integrate them into the healing process. Because healing means so much more than combating symptoms.

In many ancient languages ​​the concept of "salvation" is associated with "whole", "consecrated" and also "happiness". A person who is happy has fewer reasons to get sick, whereas a person who is temporarily or permanently unhappy is more susceptible to illness. This is also shown by scientific research.

With Yoga For Active Self-regulation And A Positive Mindset

When you do your exercises on the yoga mat, you activate the self-regulation of your body. And it is this self-regulation that keeps you healthy. Your mental and emotional state play a crucial role when it comes to your physical health. Because it is not only defined physically in a holistic sense. If stressful factors increase in everyday life, this reduces natural self-regulation. And when your body's systems no longer function as they should, sooner or later diseases will develop.

Yoga Classes

At first quite inconspicuous, like a cold because you are fed up with something. Or a lump in the throat in the form of a sore throat because something has overwhelmed you and you are speechless. In the long term, however, cancer cells may also spread in the uterus, for example, because women no longer feel rooted in their current point of life or where they live.

Just as illnesses can arise from emotional imbalances, you can also start at this point if you want to support yourself in healing. Yoga generally leads to a more positive mindset, to fundamental well-being, to inner harmony (or eudaimonia, as Socrates called it). Inner and outer harmony support healing processes. The ancestral philosophers and of course the yoga sage Patanjali knew this.

"Feelings of inner tightness or deep dejection, disturbance of the harmonious balance of bodily functions or the inability to guide the breath go hand in hand with a mind that is embroiled in problems."

Life Is Made Up Of Energy And Vibration

Healing happens when the mental-emotional and physical levels are harmonized. Because life does not arise from matter, from atoms and cells. In yoga we believe that all life began with a primordial vibration, which is symbolized and toned with the one-syllable mantra OM. The original soul (or original source, original creation or original divinity, whatever you like to call it) wanted to express its bliss. She began to swing. The vibrations spread and began to widen the non-space. This is how the universe came into being. The vibrations gradually condensed - light colors emerged. Photons (light particles) condensed further and further, until these agglomerations of subtle energy finally produced solid matter from atoms as well as molecules and oxygen-based life forms. In the teaching of yoga, Prana is the representative of the original life energy. OM is the expression for joy and bliss that is given to everyone and everything in all multiverses. The subtle energies vibrate at high frequencies, solid matter also vibrates, but in slower vibrations.

Energy And Vibration

Your physical being also consists of biological rhythms (such as breathing, heartbeat, cell division), through which subtle primary vibrations normally flow evenly. When your natural vibrational harmony encounters resistance, which happens almost every day in the external circumstances of life on earth, your entire solid and subtle system begins to fluctuate and possibly lapses into illness. Illness always means a low level of vibration. The practice of yoga, meditation, pranayama and tones of the mantra OM puts you back into vibration harmony at any time and increases your vibration frequency. In this way, individual healing processes are initiated, because higher vibrations always influence lower frequencies. Yoga strengthens your feeling of satisfaction and happiness,

Scientific Studies On The Healing Effects Of Yoga

If all of this is too esoteric for you: Modern science such as quantum physics confirms the ancient knowledge of vibrations, harmonies, frequencies and subtle energies with which Australian Aborigines, shamans from South and North America or sound therapists heal the sick.

In the meantime there are numerous scientific studies that prove the beneficial and preventive as well as beneficial effects of yoga. Dr. In 2017, Holger Cramer (Head of Research for Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine at the Essen-Mitte Clinics) published a meta-study in the "German Medical Weekly" in which 300 individual studies were summarized that dealt with the therapeutic effects of yoga. The studies show beneficial effects on psychological stress, cardiovascular diseases or chronic pain.

“In just a few decades, yoga has developed from a ridiculed esoteric fad to a promising form of behavioral medicine therapy. Even enlightened, scientific-critical contemporaries can hardly avoid preoccupation with yoga today. "

The  research results on the effects of yoga on health  together with the centuries of experience of the yogic tradition allow only one conclusion: Yoga is a medicine and a proven remedy - which anyone can use, which costs nothing (or very little) and which is continuously changing worldwide further developed and proven.

What Yoga Does In You: Self-awareness And Self-awareness

In a state of health anyway, but especially in the case of illness, mindfulness and self-awareness are your best skills to keep you healthy and to heal you. With regular yoga sessions alone, you can feel how your body feels today compared to yesterday. You can feel if your mind is caught up in problems. You can feel whether the food you are eating is good for you or not. In communication with your body, you experience whether you need more movement or more rest. You become more sensitive and cultivate a more mindful handling of your physical and your mental as well as emotional needs. On the one hand, this protects you, on the other hand, it increases your resilience to adverse circumstances and, if necessary, leads you to say “no” before something becomes too much, too damaging.

Yoga Time

In the event of illness, you will also be able to confidently know what is good and right for you and what is not. Yoga helps you to seek and allow the healing therapies that are appropriate for you (depending on the symptoms and severity of any illness), because you feel what is good and right for you. The holistic concept of yoga, which combines movement and philosophy, and your conscious lifestyle make you more self-confident and, if necessary, more assertive.

We should all be aware of one thing: Everything to do with health is strongly influenced by a health industry whose economic goals are very high and which subtly but profoundly influences our perception of the body and its signals. Messages flow in from countless channels every day that make us fearful of diseases.

In November 2019, the Bertelsmann Foundation published a startling study that shows that an alarming number of superfluous drugs are administered in Germany and countless senseless and useless therapies and operations are carried out . The advertising and marketing budgets of pharmaceutical companies are increasing every year. Insurance groups and health insurers conduct public relations and lobbying so that we feel as ill as possible and, in the best of cases, consume senseless, but often acutely harmful drugs.

What You Can Do: Yoga Lifestyle Is Free And Sets You Free

Every illness, every symptom is an attempt by your body to communicate with you, a signal to your mind: "Warning, something is not going well here!" Take these signals seriously! In a conversation with dear friends, you also listen. Free yourself from sick fears of illness or death and just listen to the message of your body, your heart, your soul.

It doesn't always have to be asanas if you are not doing so well today or for a few days. Breathe, do gentle pranayama, meditate and feel (instead of thinking) whether there is a need for change in your being or a need for action in the sense of a naturopathic or medical consultation. With one hand on your heart, feel what needs to be done. Your mind-body system is endowed with the highest divine intelligence and healing ability. Yoga gives you self-love and connects you with the healing light of creation. Trust and you will always feel what to do.

"The basic principle of medicine is love."

Amelia James

Amelia James

Hello guys! I am Amelia James, a yoga practitioner by profession and a writer by heart. I have been a yoga instructor for the last 10 years. Now, I am investing some time in writing as well. Let’s catch up on some relaxing yet informative yoga topics!