A Good Cause: Azahar Foundation

On Saturday June 22 at 2pm, I will be dedicating my open class at Jivamukti to the work of Azahar Foundation, a non-profit started by my dear teacher — Yogeswari. AZAHAR Foundation is an international organization that promotes cross-cultural communication and non-violent conflict resolution through Yoga and the Arts.

Yogeswari herself will be teaching a special workshop that day at 4pm at Jivamukti NYC to raise funds for Azahar. In fact, teachers in different locations around the world will be teaching that day for the same cause. Join us! Or make a donation.

Read more about Azahar’s work below, and on the Azahar website:
“Within any population we teach, young leaders are identified and supported with professional training to become positive models of change within their communities. Through the conflict resolution and peace-building techniques of Yoga and the Arts, the escalating cycle of violence in conflict and post-conflict settings can be broken and recovery and rehabilitation can begin.

AZAHAR Foundation is currently supporting a vocational yoga program for Young Cambodians.

AZAHAR Foundation is actively fundraising for its vision project: international peace camps and conferences in professional yoga, dance, and music training, where young leaders are given opportunities to compare cultural experiences and to collaborate creatively with young people from around the world. The international conferences will culminate in dance/music performances and touring projects that serve to give these young people a voice and a form of expression that will raise awareness to humanitarian issues around the world.”

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