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January 2015

4 x 4: A Moving Meditation on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra
with Monja Mani & Tamar Samir
Saturday, January 31, 2-4pm
Prema Yoga, Brooklyn

In the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, the first four verses, called chatur sloki, are considered to be the most important; the distillation of the entire yoga philosophy in an elegant and compact foursome.

In this workshop, led by Monja Mani & Tamar Samir, both Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teachers, we will chant the chatur sloki and explore their meaning in an experiential way, through asana, pranayama, meditation, and sacred sound. Expect all the elements of Jivamukti that you love!



February 2015

Principles of Assists III: Twisting Asanas
With Tamar Samir. Assisted by Lauren Krauze

Sunday, February 22, 6-9pm
Jivamukti Yoga School NYC

Learn the principles of giving powerful, safe, and transformational yoga asana assists. Developing sensitivity to directing prana (life force energy) in asana can transform your practice as a teacher and student. Instead of focusing on learning the so-called “correct assist” for each pose, learn the principles that will empower you to create, improvise, and customize assists safely and effectively.

This workshop will focus exclusively on understanding how to assist twisting asanas on multiple levels: physical, anatomical and energetic.

Tamar Samir is known for her powerful and transformative adjustments. This workshop format is the third in a series that was co-created and taught by Tamar Samir & Monja Mani. (Monja is currently on pregnancy leave).

Yoga teachers and longtime students will benefit from this workshop. It is recommended that you take the 4pm open class at Jivamukti prior to the workshop, so that you are well warmed up for practice and assisting. Some warm-up will also be included in the workshop itself.

If you have a request for any specific asanas you wish to see covered in the workshop, please email Tamar in advance:

Recommended reading: Yoga Assists by Sharon Gannon & David Life
“If we experience asana as an unfolding continuum of interconnection, the assist will lead us seamlessly into and out of each asana.” —David Life



May 2015

May 8-10
Spring Yoga Retreat to Bethel Farm
with Tamar Samir & Nora Heilmann
Bethel Farm, NH

Nora and Tamar will be teaching a weekend Jivamukti Yoga retreat this May at Bethel Farm, an organic yogic farm and retreat center in New Hampshire.
Here’s what you can look forward to: seated and walking meditation, pranayama, Jivamukti-style vinyasa sequences, didgeridoo sound bath, restorative yoga, Sanskrit chanting, exploring the lush natural surroundings, bonfire, evening Kirtan, vegan food, and good mood!

Bethel Farm is a small yoga and living arts center in the woods of Hillsborough, NH, founded by Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Stephen Bethel and his yogic family. The atmosphere of Bethel Farm is conducive to deep inner reflection and yoga practice. The mood of yoga, healing and peace strikes guests instantly when they first arrive. The mood is enhanced by the gardens, that supply much of the produce in season for meals. Expect clean, delicious, varied, local, and nourishing food made with positive intention. The main yoga studio, with its warm textures and many windows is naturally well lit and spacious. Look here for directions on getting to Bethel Farm.

Full price: $375 house / $345 tent
Early bird: $325 house / $295 tent (until Feb 28)
Price includes accommodation and all meals.
The retreat is limited to 24 participants and will sell out fast.

To register, email:



August 2015

Aug 6-10
Teaching at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin.

Aug 15-22
Yoga Retreat to Triopetra, Crete (Greece)
with Nora Heilmann & Tamar Samir
Yoga Rocks, Triopetra, Crete

UPDATE: the retreat is sold out. If you want to join the wait list, please email:
Nora and Tamar will be teaching a one-week Jivamukti Yoga retreat this August at one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete — Triopetra! Triopetra means “3 rocks”. The beach is several kilometers long and is well known for its beautiful sunsets and golden white sands. The retreat center, YogaRocks, has breathtaking views of the sea and the unspoilt natural surroundings. Pix attached!

YogaRocks is run by friends of ours, super chilled and friendly, no shortage of hammocks, delicious vegetarian food, and other delights. This retreat sells out quickly because of its very affordable price, so please register ASAP if you would like to be part of it. We would love to see you there.

Here’s what you can look forward to: seated and walking meditation, pranayama, Jivamukti-style vinyasa sequences, live music yoga, didgeridoo sound bath, restorative, Sanskrit chanting, evening Kirtan, vegan food, good mood!

Please come and bring your friends along, we’ll make it the best week ever!

YogaRocks, Triopetra, Crete

800 euro all inc. (yoga, food, accommodation). 50 euro off if booked by end of Dec 2014.
The retreat is limited to 20 participants and will sell out fast.

More info here.



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