Ponytail Or Bob? The Best Hairstyle For Yoga

"It’s essential to be comfortable in mind, body, and spirit during your yoga practice. The last thing you should have to worry about is your hair! Find the top hairstyles that you can rock during your yoga training on TamarSamirYoga"

Ponytail, bob or pixie cut?

When your hair hangs in your face during yoga, it's no drama. Experienced yogi: nis even use such superficial distractions joyfully to train their concentration and to remain consciously to themselves. For all beginners and monkey minds, however, it is (initially) more practical to style your hair before the yoga class so that it does not interfere with the practice. It's not as easy as it seems. Because in an average yoga practice, you will likely lie with all sides of your body on the floor, jump dynamically, bend your head in all possible directions, and possibly even stand on it. It is also possible that you hold your head in your hands, for example when doing a side neck stretch. 

The perfect yoga hairstyle needs to be able to accommodate all of these postures and movements without having to fiddle with hair ties or strands of hair. So let's check the classic hairstyles for their yoga suitability!

1. Long, loose hair: Only for the enlightened

Long, open hair is simply wonderful: the way it flatters the face, waving in a gentle breeze its: n wearer: in play around ... Especially in the spiritual scene there are many who rarely let the hairdresser run and shine with a splendid mane. Which they usually wear openly - because why should they rob their hair of its natural freedom?

Long, loose hair

Even in yoga practice, long hair fetishists prefer the open mane on the inside. Cascades of strands of hair envelop your body in Trikonasana , while standing forward the floor is swept, and cat-cow prefer to practice it dynamically - the hair flies so beautifully from front to back and then back again.

Those who, on the other hand, are more pragmatic (or simply do not feel like having hairy show elements in yoga) can only be advised against the open long hair. On the one hand, you sweat under the carpet of hair - at least with dynamic yoga styles and in summer - quite nicely, a strand of hair is guaranteed to hang in your eyes all the time and in the worst case, in Kurmasana, your hair can get tangled in such a way that you can no longer pull it out without scissors Attitude coming out ...

However, when meditating you can save yourself the blanket around your shoulders if your hair is long and thick enough!

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2. Ponytail: Lie on your back excluded


At first glance, it seems that all problems with long hair can be solved with a ponytail. On the other hand, this hairy classic brings other difficulties with it. For example, that pretty much any lying position on your back becomes impossible. Silly. This could be avoided if you put your ponytail very high - but then you a) look like a school girl and b) cannot do a headstand. Doubly stupid. 

3. Dutt and Dödel: the placement makes the difference

The bun is particularly popular with trend-conscious women, men and other people. Unfortunately, it brings with it exactly the same challenges, because of which we unfortunately had to exclude the ponytail from yoga classes.

Dutt and Dödel

A little more extravagant are two buns (yes, that's the correct plural) on the left and right, on the top side of the head. If the placement of this hairstyle (also known as " Björk-Dödel ") is correct, you can use it to lie on your back and sides as well as stand on your head without any problems. 

By the way, a few years ago in India I was praised by a nice Salwar Kamiz saleswoman for my double bun - because she thought it was "classic Indian". Good prerequisites for a yoga hairstyle!

4. Braided hair: who can do it ...

The basic problem with ponytails and bun (s) is the annoying knob that is formed by the hair tie. You can avoid this by simply braiding your hair. It looks chic, and there are so many creative braided hairstyles that there should be something for everyone.

Braided hair

However: If you (like me) are one of those people who are absolutely incapable of producing a halfway decent braided hairstyle - no matter how many YouTube tutorials you watch, how many mirrors you set up around you and how much time you plan - then Unfortunately, this option falls flat.

5. Turban, headscarf and headband: from Kundalini to tennis

You can also use aids for your hairstyle during yoga . If you like to do aerobics or play tennis in addition to yoga, you can use a headband - this will keep hair and sweat away from your eyes. Or you reach for the hip version of the traditional cleaning power headscarf, it has the same effect and is not quite as embarrassing. 

For yogis, however, there is another option: the turban. Especially if you are interested in Kundalini Yoga , you should definitely try the energy-concentrating hair taming method. Quite a few who initially look at turban wearers skeptically on the inside are later convinced fans!

6. (Extremely) short hair: perfect!

After the elimination process, there is only one thing missing for a good end: the short hairstyle. Because if you wear your hair short, you don't press anything, nothing falls in front of you or in your eyes, you don't have to brush anything behind your ears. Yes, it gets even better: Those who have their hair cut off almost or completely prove at the same time that they have left all earthly vanity and superficiality behind. Extremely chic!

Conclusion:  If you don't already live in the ashram with a shaved head, borrow a long hair clipper today and get down to work - and then get on the mat completely free ...

Amelia James

Amelia James

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